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In order to pursue additional actions on behalf of JDRO members, we need the following demographic information. Please be assured that all your information is being treated as personal & confidential. It has and will only be shared with those who “need to know”. Demographic information will be used without including personal information such as name, address.

Please fill this form out only once for each retiree.  If both your and your spouse worked for John Deere, both of you should fill out this form.  If you're already getting e-mail or regular mail from JDRO, there's no need to fill this form out again.  If you need to change your address, e-mail address or phone number, just send an e-mail to info@jdro.org with the information.  If you already receive e-mail from either info@jdro.org or members@jdro.org you are on our database and don't need to fill out this form.

DO NOT hit the enter key until all the data has been entered.  It's best to use the tab key to move to the next field.


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