In 2007 Deere & Company announced significant changes to post-retirement medical benefits for salaried and non-union retirees.  Many were concerned about those changes.  A group of Human Resources and Industrial Relations retirees along with likeminded retirees at several major John Deere facilities established a not-for-profit organization (FRO - Flex Retirees Organization) to negotiate with the Company to maintain the existing medical benefits.  Those negotiations were unsuccessful.

The organization changed its mission to helping retirees navigate the transition to using the Retiree Medical Credits (RMC's) provided by the Company to manage their own health care.  At that time the organization changed its name to JDRO.  Much credit is due the FRO and then JDRO Board of Directors and Officers along with key retirees at major John Deere sites for their time and effort guiding the group.  Likewise, credit is due the many retirees who contributed financially to the organization's efforts.

In recent years JDRO has become inactive due to the inability to contact new retirees and existing retirees becoming more comfortable with managing their health care and RMC's.  As a result, the JDRO Board of Directors voted to dissolve the organization.  Pursuant to the JDRO Articles of Incorporation, any remaining assets must be donated to qualified charitable entities.  Articles of Dissolution have been filed with the State of Iowa and all assets have been donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis and the Stead Family Children's Hospital in Iowa City in equal amounts.